The teens DO NOT have to be "related" according to the family tree!! This means they will be able to have romantic relationships with each other!! This challenge is kind of like the Asylum challenge, except that the 7 "mental patients" are teenage delinquents.

Here's the story and rules.

STORY:Well, this is it, you think to yourself as you step out of the cab. You look up at the old house in front of you. It's ancient, but it'll serve its purpose:to give troubled teens one last chance to change before being sent to Juvie. For the kids, it's a punishment. For you, it's your only source of income, and your only home. You slowly climb the front steps of the old house, and turn the old, rusted doorknob. The door creaks open, and you step tentatively inside. Who knows what you'll find in there? You decide to clean things up a little before the teens get there. After a day's hard work, most of the cobwebs, 2 skeletons, and god-knows-what-else is cleaned away, you make the beds, stock the fridge, and set up the TV. You look over the note that was sent to the families, just to make sure the date was right.

Dear ________, You have been offered one (1) last chance to shape up your act before being sent to Juvenile Hall. If you accept, your new home will be at the Gallagher House (located in Sunset Valley), or the Woodley House (located in Riverview). Here you will stay with six (6) other teens and one (1) adult mentor, who will help you in your recovery. At the end of your treatment, you will be released back into your homes for a 1-month parole period, and then the rest of society. Rest assured that you will be taken care of during your stay at either house. Be prepared that you will not be living in the lap of luxury, though. This is NOT a summer camp. This is a punishment, but it is also a second chance for you to change your ways and leave your mistakes behind.We hope you will join us. Signed,____________Well, the date was right.

Everyone was coming. And when the bus arrived in front of the house, you had a panic attack. They were coming. They were crazy. There were 7 of them, and only 1 of you... what have you gotten yourself into? THE POINT OF THIS CHALLENGE:The point of this challenge is to keep a bunch of teen delinquents alive and out of trouble. Meanwhile, to win the challenge you must complete your LTW. This means that you CANNOT select and LTW requiring getting married and/or having children, or being away from the lot for reasons other than work or school. So no collecting, and no fishing (unless you put a lake on your lot).

This challenge is a take-off of the Asylum challenge, which originally consisted of adult mental patients. Sounds easy? WRONG. The twist is that you can't control or look at the stats of the 7 teens after you create them. How great is that?? That means you can't even click on their little pictures. You can communicate with them, sure, but you can't control them. EVER. Not until you have won the challenge.


    turn aging to epic using the "options" menu in the neighborhood. Otherwise you will have only 15 sim-days to complete an LTW, which is almost impossible. If you manage to complete the challenge with aging turned on normal , you will recieve bonus points.
    turn free will to normal (NOT HIGH) using the "options" menu so that teens will not leave the lot for reasons other than school.( Then it m just be better gamepay)

1. Create your controllable Sim in CAS. this is the only Sim you will be able to control during the course of the challenge. Create them wisely, because there's no going back. You can choose any traits you want for this Sim.

2. Create the 7 juvenile delinquents. You must choose at least one trait from this list for every teen:-evil-flirty (hooker-style!!)-hot-headed-insane-kleptomaniac-unlucky (there's always that unlucky kid who got cornered by the REAL criminal. also give a Sim with this trait the "good" trait)-mean-party animal (brought beer to a party, maybe?)-schmoozer (think teen con artist)-pyromaniac (its a hidden trait. download it if you want)-tramp (hidden trait. same concept of flirty) revised set-up Also, here's a list of traits to choose for 2 of the remaining traits:-brave-childish-clumsy-commitment issues-daredevil-dislikes children-genius-grumpy-handy-inappropriate-loner-mooch-neurotic, obviously some Sims will have the same traits. but these are not the easiest traits to live with

3. build the Gallagher/Woodley House (or whatever else you want to call it. it doesn't really matter what town you are in) following these rules:-any size lot-motherlode 1 time. ONLY 1 TIME.

    beds and other comfort items:you must buy the cheapest or second-cheapest beds. you can only buy 5 single beds, no more no less.chairs/couches:there can only be a total seating of 6. this includes dining chairs. you can only buy the cheapest or second cheapest couches/chairs. No outdoor benches, swings, or playground equipment. only 1 piece of "nappable" furniture, so if you have a couch you can't have a lounge 1 sink, 1 toilet, and 1 tub. this includes kitchen sinks. you can have a shower, tub, OR shower-tub combo.skilling:only 1 skill item per skill type. that means either the chess board OR the telescope, not both. and only one of each. but more than one person can still use the chess board at a time *hint hint* but the chairs count as part of the 6-seating limit. you can only have 1 bookcase, but you can NOT buy additional books from the bookstore, including sheet music or recipes, because you will not be allowed to leave the house for reasons other than school and work, and you must come straight home afterwards.
    entertainment:only the cheapest tv OR the cheapest stereo, but not both. you can only buy 1 of either. no video games, no foozball table (or however you spell it).electronics- as many phones as you would like, and use of cell phones is permitted (but you can't MAKE the teens use/answer theirs). No fire alarms or burglar alarms, however.appliances- all kitchen appliances are allowed. the teens must be able to access these appliances. (no blocking/locking doors)
    Misc:You can not use any lockable or claimable doors. And no rearranging of furniture to reserve or use something yourself. For example, you can not move the tv into a bedroom and turn it on just to get an uncontrollable patient out of bed so you can sleep in the bed (although if you have the tv in the bedroom all the time that is fine). Nor can you remove a door so others can't gain access to the bathroom so you can use it when you come home from work.

-No cheats or hacks besides ONE use of motherlode at the beginning of the challenge.-when you are finished building your house, reduce the funds to $100 by purchasing trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers, etc. but not potted plants that Sims can "view". and other useless stuff that Sims CAN'T INTERACT WITH.

RULES:There are only a few simple rules to follow.

1. you can only control the adult Sim. no exceptions until you win the challenge.-

2. Sims may only spend time outside the house when they are at school or work. this means no going off-track to complete opportunities, or take skill classes.

3. Adult Sim may shop for food only once, so use wisely.

4. Teens will automatically return home right after school. the only exception to this rule is if the CONTROLLED Sim leaves the lot during school hours (when the house is empty anyway) or if a teen doesn't return straight home from school, you will have to just wait for the cops to bring them home at curfew.-Sims may socialize with anyone who shows up on the lot, but may not visit Sims outside of the house. they can invite people over, though. Sims may not get married. DO NOT have the adult "try for baby" (I'm not sure how this would be possible without a double bed anyway). If a baby is born, you automatically fail the challenge.

5.You may only use the money gained from work to pay bills, and replace stolen items.


once you achieve your LTW, you can look at the teens' stats and calculate your score. you start with 100 points.

+1 for every skill point a teen has

+1 for every 500 lifetime happiness point a teen has (they automatically gain points when they have good moodlets!)

+1 for every grade that is B or above

+1 for every friend a teen has in the household

+1 for every friend the adult has (in/out of household)

+5 for every friend a teen has outside the household

+5 for every good friend a teen has in the household

+10 for every close friend a teen has outside the household

+10 for every best friend a teen has in the household

+20 for every best friend a teen has outside the household

+30 if you played on normal

+15 for every romantic interest a teen has (they can only be outside the household as they will all be "siblings" according to the family tree)

-1 for every day it takes to get your LTW-20 points for every death of a resident

-30 points for every death of a visitor

-1 for every grade D or lower-5 for every teen with no skill points

-5 for every teen with no friends


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