The Sims 3 Baby Boomer Challenge
By Carl Ratcliff and Pam Marsden

The challenge will be hard, especially for those who are inexperienced with raising children. For the family oriented players out there, this one will be much easier. Others might want to try it to get an experience of parenthood in the Sims 3. After raising all these children, one baby will be a cakewalk. It must be completed with no cheats or mods.

You'll start with two Sims on normal lifespan, both young adult, and set their relationship to married. One parent will have to stay at home, while the other earns the money. The stay at home parent must get the family oriented trait and cannot pursue a career, although any way they can help make money is allowed. The working parent must pursue a career track of his or her choice.

Taking the family oriented trait will help you to gain more happiness points for the stay-at-home parent for raising the kids while the other parent works. Your choice if it's mom or dad. The challenge ends when Mom reaches elderly status and is barren. At that point you'll tally your score.

The bulk of points will come from your Young Adult Sims. When they reach young adult, they are to be kicked out on their own immediately. No choosing houses, just kick 'em out. This frees up room in the house for more children. Optimally, you'd always want 6 kids in the family. Twins and triplets will help because the gestation period will be the same. More babies at once.

Explicit Rules: *No adoption and no marrying into a family with children. Your two Sims must produce all their kids themselves through normal conception with woohoo/try for baby. No prematurely aging Sims with the birthday cake (you can blow out the candles on their actual birthday), and certainly no giving mom perpetual life with life fruit or ambrosia.

No traveling allowed.

The scoring table:
Infant: 100 points
Toddler: 200 points
Child: 400 points
Teen: 800 points
Young adult: 1600 points

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