As you may already know, this is widely considered to be one of the very best challenges ever created!....and trust me, there's good reason for that!

Finally, you get to see what all the hype is about!

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Create your bachelor or get a single Sim from your neighborhood.
Add seven Sims for the "lonely Sim".
Build and decorate until your heart's content keeping in mind that you are building a house for "eight " Sims.

Hint: you should have a food buffet, at least three bedrooms, and at least three bathrooms.


No Sim can work.
You must not directly control any of your Sims, to make them interact with each other. However: you may direct Sims to use the bathroom, eat, and sleep.
Money cheats are allowed and maybe needed to fund the house.
Everyday at 6:00p.m; the Sim with the lowest relationship points with your "lonely Sim" must move/ be kicked-out.

Day- by -Day

Day 1. Meet and Greet ( Let your Sims do what they want) . Have your Bachelor talk to each of the "contestants" at least once during this time. Pause the game at 6pm "Sim" time the Sim with lowest relationship score is eliminated. The easiest way to tell this is looking at the last Sim in the relationship panel.

Day 2. I used the Hot-tub from nightlife.
I realized not everyone has all expansion packs. I really wanted to write this so all Simmers can enjoy, therefore from Day 2 I decided to let each one use group activities of there own choosing. Just remember to pause the game at 6pm. the last Sim on the Bachelor relationship panel is eliminated.

Morning dates:

Mornings should have your Sims do whatever they want.
Your Bachelor should flirt with every Sim before the group date at 12pm.

Afternoon date:

Group dates are to be held at 12pm. and last 1 hour.
You should do the group activities and eliminations until their is only 2 Sims, other then your Bachelor left.

At this point you should have a morning date with one (You may leave the house). This is where you make three romantic moves and confess your attraction.
You should also have a one-on-one date with the other Sim. Preform the same three romantic moves and confess your attraction.

The next day: There should be no group activities, or one-on-one dates. One of the Sims should be eliminated, at 6pm. This should be the one with the least relationship points to the Sim. If your Bachelor wasn't successful at becoming romantic interest with one than that Sim is automatically eliminated, even if the Sim has more relationship points (This is a love search, not a friend search).
If both are not romantic interests or both are romantic interests, then the Sim with the least relationship points should leave.

Hopefully, Simmers with all or any expansion packs, and those with no expansion packs, will enjoy this form of play, because this was one of my favorite challenges from Sims 2, I really wanted all to be able to participate.

Source (Credit): Simalot

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