Starting out
Create a female Young Adult and give her the following 3 traits Charismatic, Flirty, Great Kisser and two traits of your choosing.
The Heart breaker or Gold digger LTW is recommended but you don’t have to.

NOTE: She may NOT get a Full-time job so remember that when assigning LTW

 Move her into a lot/house and get her settled. NO Money cheats allowed!!!

  1.  Meet a Sim and build your relationship until you can get married
  2.  Once married find a new romantic interest, move him in and get caught cheating
  3.  Kill off the Husband and marry again + Inscribe the tombstone with: {his name} “Died by Black Widow”
  4.  Repeat this over again until you have 10 graves or more.
 Keep the Graves on your lot there are some hilarious Ghost responses!!!! Rules
 NO cheats or mods that alter Sim behavior
 NO Money, Cheats! Try No Cheating in The Sims 3 Mod if you fingers type in the money cheats when you are not looking)
ONLY Building related cheats like moveobjects on is allowed.
 You may use the resetSim  cheat if your Sim gets "stuck" in an interaction or somewhere around town
You can have as many love interests at the same time as you wish
 Having Kids is your own choice, but you can score by having them
 Breaking up existing relationships are not forbidden for an evil twist try stealing your best friend’s hubby
 The Black Widow may not have a full time job, all money must be earned by the men she targets
 She may get a Part time job until her first Marriage, but none thereafter.
 She can earn money by selling collectables she finds.

Challenge is finished with The Black Widow dies.

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  1. Anonymous8/20/2014

    I like al the challeges and I will try as many as possible

    1. Now that's what I like to hear! I'm glad you chose my site to find them.

  2. You said that the challenge ends when the Black Widow dies, but if she has a daughter, that girl could continue her mother's work and you could have a whole legacy!

    1. I didn't think of that. That would indeed make it work as a great legacy. Just keep the proper traits in mind when picking them for the daughter.

      Thank you for that.

  3. Anonymous1/20/2015

    How do you kill Sims if you don't have Dexter the Bear? Or NRass?

    1. I personally prefer to starve Sims, but you can also drown them in the pool by placing a fence around the pool to prevent them from getting out, then waiting for them to get tired and die.

      There are more ways, but I can't think of them all. You can find them by searching for "kill sims" "sims 3" in Google (make sure you use the quotations in the search term just as shown).

      I hope this helps.

    2. If you have the voodoo doll, just abuse them with it. They'll die soon enough.

  4. Day 1 - Married A Sim, Killed him
    I'm so proud of myself.

    1. Day 3 - Married 3 Sims, 2 Died.

  5. Anonymous3/31/2015

    I have had 2 husbands in one day my sim ( Marie May) is a lucky girl