Main Goal:To see how much your house is worth by the time your Sim reaches the ripe of age of 90.

Setting up the Challenge

1. Create a Sim. They must be a Young Adult. They can be any gender. (Looks wise:They must wear all black for all of their outfits).

2. Their traits MUST include Kleptomaniac, Mooch, and Evil.

3. Their lifetime wish must be Master-Thief.

4. Purchase the house called "The Monotone". It must be UNFURNISHED. If you want to play in Riverview, please copy this house over.

5. You will see that your house is equipped with the essentials.

6. Buy the most expensive bed.


1.You are NOT allowed to buy ANYTHING from buy mode EVER.

2. Extending the house includes anything in Build Mode that CANNOT be stolen, e.g. driveways, swimming pools, windows, doors etc.

3. Money made can ONLY be spent on extending the house, hiring a maid, repairman, or babysitter.

4. Everything MUST be stolen from other people's houses

5. You are NOT allowed a burglar alarm (The Monotone house shouldn't have one anyway). If you get burgled, that's karma for you!

6.You are NOT allowed a job,(even a part-time job) EVER.

7. ALL money and food must be made through mooching off other Sims (no gardening or playing the guitar for tips).

8. You CANNOT steal or sell seeds. (If you want, you can steal other Sims vegetables by harvesting them).

9. You can sell these stolen goods. (You CANNOT however grow vegetables on your own lot.)

10. Seeing as Kleptomaniacs like shinny jewels, you can also make money through cutting gems.

11. In the case of metals + space rocks, you can only sell these. (You cannot smelt them).

12. Once you have stolen the most you can that day (3 items) you CANNOT steal from that same house again. However, you CAN return to mooch money or food off those Sims.

13. If you are concerned about running out of houses in the neighbourhood to steal from, make sure Story Progression is turned ON. You can steal from the same house if it has a new family in.

14. If your Sim wants a partner or child, they must have NO income WHATSOEVER, and they are NOT allowed to help swipe.

15. Sim Lifespan MUST be set to "Normal:90 Sim days".

16. You can ONLY steal from the base-game houses. (This makes it fair for everyone, and stops people downloading really expensive houses just for the items).

17. You can NEVER return any stolen goods. If you are stuck with 3 ceiling lamps from the same house - tough! (That's the fun of the game!)


19. You must place your three stolen objects into your home as soon as you get back from stealing.

How To Steal

1. Go to a Sims house.

2. Ask to go inside.

3. Once sun has set, you will be able to click on the floor near an object and select "Swipe Something". It is RANDOM what object near where you selected your Sim swipes. (That adds to the fun of hoping to get a TV for your house, only to get yet ANOTHER dining chair!)

4. Once you have stolen 3 items, go back to your house. Your stolen items will be in the FAMILY INVENTORY, which is accessed through Buy Mode.

Tip:I would suggest getting to know the Sim who's house you target. This way you can mooch off them, and also ask to stay over. This way you can steal from them when they are asleep - if a Sim is in the same room as you, you cannot steal, so you could end up being asked to leave before you get a chance to swipe!)

Once the Challenge is complete look in the buy mode to get the worth of the house!

Source (Credit): http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=344616

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