Some people say opposites attract and I wonder….do they really? Even in Sims un-reality?

Setting up:

Create 2 Young Adult Sims in CAS: 1 Male, 1 Female. They can look and wear whatever you like, but you can make them look very opposite from one another for authenticity….(i.e. One fat, one thin or one blonde, one brunette, one well-dressed and groomed and the other slobbish and grungy - you get the idea)

Assign traits to each Sim that are Opposite (Incompatible with) to the other Sim. This list will help you. (NOTE: Not all traits have opposites)

Trait Name , Incompatible With

Artistic , Can't Stand Art
Athletic , Couch Potato
Brave , Coward/Loser
Can't Stand Art , Artistic
Charismatic , Loser
Childish , Dislikes Children
Commitment Issues , Hopeless Romantic
Computer Whiz , Technophobe
Couch Potato , Athletic/Technophobe
Coward , Brave/Daredevil
Daredevil , Coward
Dislikes Children , Childish/Family-Oriented
Easily Impressed , Snob
Evil , Good
Excitable , Grumpy
Family-Oriented , Dislikes Children
Flirty , Unflirty
Friendly , Mean-Spirited
Good , Evil
Good Sense of Humor , No Sense of Humor
Grumpy , Excitable/Hot-Headed
Hates the Outdoors , Loves the Outdoors
Heavy Sleeper ,Light Sleeper
Hopeless Romantic , Commitment Issues
Hot-Headed , Grumpy
Light Sleeper , Heavy Sleeper
Loner , Party Animal
Loser , Brave /Charismatic
Loves the Outdoors , Hates the Outdoors
Lucky , Unlucky
Mean Spirited , Friendly
Neat , Slob
No Sense of Humor , Good Sense of Humor
Party Animal ,Loner
Slob , Neat
Snob ,Easily Impressed
Technophobe , Computer Whiz/ Couch Potato
Unlucky , Lucky

See if you can make their LTW opposite as well (Like Top of Law enforcement VS Crime lord etc)
Move them into a house or lot of your choice (Largest lots will also add financial strain as a challenge)
They must live together (Do not set relationship to Spouse or Sibling) and build a life together.

Game play:

First things first…The restrictions!
1.No cheats or behavior changing Mods allowed. (Except to reset a bugged Sim and building cheats like move objects)
2.You may not ‘change your traits’ or have a ‘Midlife Crises’
3.You must accept and complete all Skill and Work opportunities offered to you. Special Opportunities are optional and up to you)
4.No Divorce / Separation / move out’s or Till death do you parts – If any of these happen (and you didn’t save) you will have to start over.
5.No kids may be removed by the social worker
6.No other Sims may move-into the household
7.No adoptions
8.Free will on High!

Your goals from here are simple…

As Young Adults
1.Get them in a workable relationship
2.Get them into a career that best suits their traits
3.Get engaged (Challenge to commitment issues, Hopeless Romantic pairing)
4.Make at least 1 good friend each (A different sim for each…if they also can’t stand each other BONUS)
5.Throw a wedding party to get married (Challenge to Party Animal , Loner paring)
6.Accept and complete all Skill and Work Challenges
7.Argue once a week to keep it spiced up……Make up with a woohoo - **Optional

As Adults
1.Have at least 2 kids and raise them …well
2.Teach each Toddler to Walk, Talk and potty train them. **Optional if you don’t care about what traits they get
3.When you are asked to give kids traits assign opposite traits too **Optional – Must Teach toddlers to walk, talk and potty, Kids and Teens must have great grades at school to get option to choose
4.Get the Kids on The honor roll and then you may age them up.
5.Get the Teens on The honor roll, get them a Part time job and then you may age them up and move them out.
6.Get them to the Top of their career with the full skills required to do so (You can be promoted without it, but make sure you get the skills)
7.Argue once a week to keep it spiced up……Make up with a whoohoo - **Optional

As Elders
1.Make sure your LTW is fulfilled
2.Develop at least 1 Skill to achieve a Skill Challenge (like become a Gem Collector, or Amateur Ichthyologist etc - - See you skills journal)
3.Argue once a week to keep it spiced up……Make up with a whoohoo - **Optional
4.Die of old age.

Challenge ends when one Sim dies.


***Optional (I don’t always like a scoring game, but for those who do…)

Skill opportunities completed. 10 Points
Work opportunities completed. 10 Points
Special Opportunities completed. 10 Points
When they become friends. 5 Points
When any Sim gets a full time job. 10 Points
When any Sim gets a part time job. 5 Points
When they get engaged. 10 Points
When they get married. 15 Points
For each friend they make 5 Points
If their friends don’t get along 5 Points BONUS
Have wedding party - each guest gives 5 Points
Have any great party 10 Points
Each Argument settled by whoohoo 2 Points each time
For each child born to the couple 10 Points
For each Toddler trained (all 3) 10 Points
For each child on Honor roll 10 points
For each Teen on Honor roll 10 points
When they reach Top of their career 50 points
When a LTW is fulfilled 50 Points
If top of career is NOT your LTW 100 Points BONUS
Skill Journal Challenge met 50 Points
Sim Dies of old age 10 Points

Source (Credit): http://www1.modthesims2.com/m/showthread.php?t=361647

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  1. No, the points won't be affected at all if two sims make friends and the two friends dislike each other.