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* .... If the Social worker takes the kids away, ....you fail !


To raise as many children to Young Adults, as possible.


In CAS make two married young Adult Sims.
Give Both the Family-Oriented trait, you may choose the other four.
(Make sure aging is on and,the lifespan is set to normal).


- Move on to a mid-size to large size lot.
- There must be at least four bedrooms ,one for the adults and three for the kids.
- Use the cheat "Motherlode" to the build house, you can use as much as you like, but upon the start of the challenge, there will be no cheats allowed .
- Build a master suite (bedroom, seating area, and bathroom).
– There can be only one t.v.and computer in the lounge. The kids can use the one in the lounge.
- The lounge must be well furnish,with all the goodies that Kids love.
- adopt six Sims (2 children, 2 toddlers, 2 babies)

– No cheats allowed, once challenge begins.
– One of your Sims can have a Part-time job. (If you have Ambitions expansion pack both Sims may work, but one must be self-employed)
– No NPC’s.
– There must be two Sims per bedroom.
– There can only be two bathrooms, for Kids.
– Teens can not stay in the orphanage as young adults. Every teen must leave after aging. (Direct Sim to the computer and using the move option, kick out).
– When a Sim moves out of the orphanage, you must immediately adopt another baby or toddler.
- you can only control the Sims created in CAS.


-50 for every child aging up with grade D.
+100 if Teen moved out with grade A
+100 every lifetime happiness rewards points.
-100 for every time an orphan is control.
+200 for every child aging up with grade A
+350 for every child raised to a young adulthood
+500 for every child that grows up well
+500 for every skill taught to toddler
-500 for every visit by the repo-man

Challenge Ends if…
*Any kid is taken by social worker
*CAS Sim(s) die.

Source (Credit):Simalot

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