Your Sim has had a lifelong dream to breed horses. They finally got enough money to buy themselves a mare (female horse). Now they want to breed perfect horses and live off that. Can they succeed?

1. Create your Sim, YA or A, of any gender. Traits are up to you, except they must have Equestrian trait.
2. Make a female adult horse. The horse must not have the Untrained trait, and must have either Agile or Fast trait (or both).
3. Buy a lot and build a house, or buy a pre-made house. Make sure you have everything you need for your Sim and horse (including a box stall for the horse). You may use cheats to add money, but don't go too extreme - your Sim doesn't have a lot of money left because of buying the horse, remember? But if you really need another 1000$ to finish building, that's okay.

1. You must breed your mane at the equestrian center (do NOT buy a stallion).
2. Your mare must have at least 5 foals (but she may have more). All foals must survive until they're adult, must get rid of Untrained trait and gain Agile or Fast trait (or both).
3. All horses, including your mane, must be trained to have all points in racing or jumping (depending if they're Fast or Agile).
4. You must sell all your horses once they have the right traits and skills, except the mane and one female, who is your heir.
5. If all 5 foals are male, and you don't want additional foals, you must buy a female foal, who must have Untrained trait at the time you get it, to be the heir. You may NOT adopt, she has to be bought.
6. All horses, including non-heir ones before you sell them, can be entered into competitions. This is your main source of income.
7. Additionally, your Sim may work at home for income, but can't get a job (Ambitions careers not allowed either).
8. Your Sim must have at least one heir, to continue the horse breeding. The heir must be a biological child (not adopted) and must have Equestrian trait, other traits don't matter.
9. The mother/father of the child may move in or marry your Sim, but it's not required. However, if they have a job, they must quit it. No one at the horse farm, including heir's siblings, must not have a job. If they get a job, they must move out.
10. Generation 2 starts when your horse heir gets the first foal, regardless of the current age of Sim heir.
11. You must lead 5 generations of horse heirs, while still making sure the Sim heir has the Equestrian trait (if your horse heir was born early or late in its mother's lifetime, your horse generations may be falling front or behind of Sim's generations).
12. No cheats, except for money when making the house.

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