This is an updated version of the Poverty Challenge based on the Poverty Challenge of Sims 2.


Create a CAS Sim to be the founder of your impoverished family. Must have unlucky trait. Other traits and Favorites you can choose.


If you move into Riverview, you must move into “345 Riverblossom Hills Drive”. If you move into Sunset Valley, you will must move into “15 Summer Hill Court”. Spend all of your money until funds are deleted to 100. ( You may buy something but it must be put into the inventory, it is wasted money.

UPDATE: Since this challenge, worlds have been available to be made. So... I'm going to say it's best to move into the biggest lot available. As for funds, there is a cheat.
No parties.

STEP THREE: Check- are you down to 100 smackers? Okay. The true poverty challenge begins here: survive and thrive as best you can. The challenge ends when the youngest grandchild of your first (CAS) Sim dies of old age.


1. You cannot use lifetime points.
2. You may take any opportunities not dealing with money.
3. Fishing,Gardening, Collecting, Painting etc. is allowed , although these items aren't allowed to be used for profit)
4. Your original (CAS) founder Sim may work PART-TIME JOBS ONLY.
5. Other Sims MUST START AT THE BOTTOM of the career ladder (May take Full-Time Jobs). You will lose points with each promotion, so think carefully about your strategy, and whether you want them to be promoted or not.
6. All children must have the unlucky trait. Grand kids can be anything.
7. No Adoption.
8. Only NPCs or service Sims may join the family. ( They must move in with you). The poverty challenge stays on the poverty lot- if a Sim moves out, they are no longer considered part of the challenge.
9.You may visit community lots.
They are: Bookstore, Supermarket, City hall, Theater, Science Facility, Athletic Stadium, School, Spa, Hospital, Graveyard
10. Hacks and custom content are allowed, but not if they are against the spirit of the challenge.
11. Teens may move out with an adult, but not alone. Kids and younger may not be moved out, period. Otherwise you will lose the 3,000 child points from raising them.


    Each simolean (of the family net worth) is worth one point in this challenge.
    Each child is worth 3,000 points (provided you raise them to teenagers).

    -5,000 for each child taken by the social worker
    -3,000 for accidental deaths
    -1,000 for each promotion


ADULT AND CHILD: (+45000 points). Add (+1000 points) if younger then a teen.

OLD MAID: (+35000 points) Your Sims do not marry/move in anyone, ever. All new family members must be born. You may have children out of wedlock.

Source (Credit): conversion (Simalot)

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