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To Begin:

1. Set aging to normal. With Generations/patch: You may tweak each age stage to suit you, but don't get to the point where you've created an epic lifespan. Keep in mind that if you roll the Perfect Children goal, you will probably need 7 toddler days to complete it, so it's best not to reduce that one. Also, once you've tweaked your ages, keep it set for the whole legacy. No going in to add days to toddler stage just to complete Perfect Children, and then setting it back.

2. Roll the first generation's goals and restrictions, and note them down.

3. Create your starting Sims in CAS. If your result for section A is single parent, create a single Sim. If your result is a couple, you may create the couple at once if you'd like. You may create pets in CAS for your founding family as well. (Pets EP)

4. Move them onto a lot of your choice. You are free to move from this lot to another at any time during the legacy. You are also free to move your family to another town entirely.

General Rules:

1. This challenge runs for 10 generations. It is complete when the 10th generation completes all of its required goals, or when the 11th generation reaches YA, whichever comes last. It is not required to roll for the 11th generation, unless you want to continue playing past the end of the challenge.

2. You lose if you fail any of the randomized parameters that you're required to meet for the generation.

3. No cheating! This means maxmotives, motherlode, kaching, fast skill mods, and anything that gives you a clear advantage over other players. In addition to the obvious methods, you should avoid sneaky exploits such as using vacations as free time to train skills “off the clock”. See rule 7 for more information on skilling while away from home. The robotic hand of god from awesomemod is not considered to be cheating, and even if you don't use the mod you are welcome to perform the actions yourself.

4. You may make money freely using any method that isn't covered as an income type, with the exception that you may not sell klepto'd items unless you're currently in the criminal career track. Also, you may earn money by using the telescope even if you haven't rolled 'Freelance Science' career. You may invest in rabbithole businesses and other venues for income. You may complete opportunities for money.

5. If you roll a career that requires your sim to sell items they collect or create, they may only sell items they collect or create themselves. No using an artist sim to freely sell paintings their unemployed spouse created. No using an Animal Wrangler to sell off their grandmother's parrot collection.

6. No aging Sims up early. You must wait for them to age up naturally, or use a cake on the day they would naturally age up (wait until it says 0 days in the age bar).

7. From each generation, choose a Sim to become the heir. If a sim is not the chosen heir, they must be moved out (kicked out or moved to a new house) of the household within 24 sim hours of aging up to young adult. The parents of the previous generation may remain in the household, or they move out when their heir becomes YA. Generally speaking, the next generation begins when the heir reaches YA. Any previous generation rolled rules that require a daily or weekly activity are no longer required when the new heir reaches YA, and the new generation's rules go into effect when the heir reaches YA. Some rules take effect when the heir is born however (such as random traits), so it's best to roll for the next generation when the first child of that generation is born, or earlier. If the rule does not specify a start time, it begins at YA. If the previous generation still has goals to complete (such as Perfect Careers), they may still complete them after their heir takes over. You only fail the challenge if they die before completing those goals.

8. If you have Ambitions, you must enable laundry by placing at least one hamper on the lot on day 1.

9. If you have World Adventures, you must not use vacation destinations to have free skilling days. You are allowed to freely skill photography, martial arts and nectar making while away from home. Other skills must not be skilled or practiced, unless you use a mod that allows you to scale the difficulty (set it to at least 3x the normal difficulty). Training that comes as a side effect of anything required for an adventure opportunity is allowed, as is athletics training while pushing things around in tombs or practicing martial arts. But don't abuse this provision.

10. You are allowed ONE free reroll of Challenge objectives throughout the entire challenge. Use it carefully. Use it when a challenge objective is impossible to achieve etc. For extra free rerolls, see Misc Fun Roll - The Joker. If you gain "Joker" rolls then these stack with this. (You start with one re-roll, then if you then roll "The Joker" you'd have two, provided you didn't already "spend" the first re-roll.) Note that you may only re-roll for a single category. You may not scrap the entire roll.

11. Rules to re roll careers or professions. You're allowed to reroll a career in two cases:-
A. First case; Expansion Gift: Sometimes expansion packs are released, and you're in the middle of your legacy. We know you want to test all the new careers out, so!... you are allowed to change one roll to introduce a new EP career or profession (provided it's a career we have listed; after each EP; we update the career rolls to include new careers, if applicable). For example: You've just installed Pets. You're about to start generation 2, a single parent Ghost Hunter. But you want to try out a new EP career we've added, so you're allowed to change your Sim's career to Animal Wrangler. You're allowed only one change per new career. So, if the new EP introduces 5 careers, you're allowed to change 5 times, one for each career you want to try. B. Second case; Repetitive careers: You are allowed to re roll a career or a profession if you have rolled it for consecutive generations. For example you are allowed to re roll if you have a chef in generations 1 and 2, but not with generations 1 and 3. You are also allowed to re-roll for either primary or secondary income, if both primary and secondary income turn up as the exact same career in the same generation.

12."Dream Generation" free choice: When you reach generation 10, instead of rolling for all categories, you may choose an option for any one of the categories, so you can try something you haven't rolled in the previous generations. So, if you've never rolled a particular career, goal or marital status and wanted to try it, in Generation 10 you may choose it for your heir or spouse instead of rolling for it. This applies to any one of the categories, and only one. So if you choose your heir's career, you must still roll for marital structure, goals, number of kids, etc. This isn't limited to things you haven't done. This is to reward you for reaching generation 10, and to help hold your interest in generation 10, so change one roll to whatever you please, really.

13: Pets Expansion: You may have as many pets, small or large, as you want. But you may only make money from them if you roll a career that says you can. You may create pets with your founding family in CAS. And once your family is placed in their home, you may obtain pets at any time via adoption or purchase. If you want to create a special pet for them in CAS, you may do so, but since merging a pet family with a current family brings a lot of money (14.5k) to the family, if you choose to do this, you must not keep the money the pet brings. You may use the family funds cheat to remove the extra cash, or you may add the pet to a temporary host family and then use a mod like Nraas Master Controller to add that pet to your family. If your Sim is in the Equestrian career, or a custom Animal Breeder career, you may not sell any pets you acquire by creating them in CAS and adding them to your family. You may only sell their offspring or use the stallions as studs.

14. If your roll is impossible because you don't have the associated expansion pack, you may re-roll for that category without penalty. If any roll becomes impossible for you to play due to glitches, you may also re-roll for that category without penalty. Some of the most frequent examples of this are with Ambitions careers glitching (we've seen everything from simple "can't complete job, so can't get paid" to "playing this career suddenly destroyed my user interface, ripped a major hole in time and space, and left a bunch of twinkle wrappers all over the place"). So don't worry about it. Do what you have to do to save your game.

Minor Clarifications, Allowed Mods, and Other Miscellaneous Stuffage:

1. You can use any lifetime happiness rewards, unless the rules specifically say you can't. See #4-6 below.

2. Twallan's career mod is ok to use, for the different schools as well as for the part-time careers. If you are using Twallan's career mods, you may want to use smacksim's career rolls to roll your careers.

3. Resurrecting ghosts is not allowed, unless going for a ghost baby when you have rolled "Multi-Cultural." You may also resurrect a ghost if you move the ghost out right away. Do not let the ghost earn money or help in your house before moving them out.

4. Servos are allowed. You may invent as many servos as you can, but they all must move out or otherwise be removed from the household by the time the next generation becomes a young adult. All the servos you create may help with chores around the house, or as babysitters, but may not have a career or earn money in any way other than through opportunities.

5. The Moodlet Modifier is not allowed. The Motive Mobile (Generations EP) is also not allowed.

6. The food replicator is allowed, unless you've rolled homemade or living green.

7. Super Commander from awesomemod has the capability to automate some ambitions jobs. Do not use this. Automation of skilling/collecting and other careers is fine.
8. Intentionally left blank. 

9. If you roll "5 Star Celebrity" you may introduce Celebrities to your town if it's "Fame Ghosting" (No 5 star celebrities, etc.) There is no limit at the moment on how many celebrities you can introduce, but don't abuse it. Only introduce what you need.

10. Concerning Imaginary Friends: you may have as many as you like. Make them "real" if you like. Even if they are made "real" they do not count towards the required number of children, they cannot be the heir, and they must leave the household upon reaching the young adult stage.

11. Concerning vampires: as of now, there are no rules against having them. You may have your Sims turned if you so choose. You may also use a mod much as MasterController to remove vampirism from vampire babies, toddlers, children and teens, since they cannot drink the cure potion. You may also use mods to clean vampirism from anyone of any age in your neighborhood.

12. It is not considered cheating to use the "shift+click ---> delete" method to dispose of unwanted items you cannot sell. For example, unwanted paintings or sculptures created by a Sim in a career roll other than artist.

The Rolls:

A. Marital Structure (roll 1-17)-

1-5) Single Parent -

The Single parent must raise all required children on his/her own. Your single parent Sim may marry or have a live in partner before the first child is born or adopted, but that spouse/partner must be moved out of the household within 24 hours after the first child is born or adopted. The single parent Sim must remain single until the youngest child has reached the mid point of the teen age stage (7 days for the unaltered normal lifespan; if you've tweaked the teen stage, it's whatever the halfway point is for your custom stage). After the youngest has reached the mid point of the teen stage, your single Sim may then move in or marry a partner, if you so desire. The partner can be anyone.

After the first child is born, male single Sims may move in the mothers of subsequent biological children for the pregnancy only. The mother must leave the household within 24 hours after the baby is born. Single males may also use other methods, including mods or cheats, of adding their babies to the household without ever moving the mother in at all.

If your single Sim has a partner, either before the first birth or after the youngest is teen, that partner may keep whatever job story progression assigned them. If that Sim is unemployed, they must stay unemployed, but may earn money via opportunities. Do not roll for section D.

6) Mixed Couple – You must obtain a spouse or unmarried partner. You must have a combination of biological and adopted/cloned children. You may have more children than the amount you rolled for to fulfill this rule. i.e., if you roll for 1 child, you will have to have an extra child so you can have both adopted and biological children. If you roll for two children and have biological twins, you still need to adopt one more.

7) Mixed Single Parent – See rules for Single Parent. You must have a combination of biological and adopted/cloned children. You may have more children than the amount you rolled for to fulfill this rule. i.e., if you roll for 1 child, you will have to have an extra child so you can have both adopted and biological children. If you roll for two children and have biological twins, you still need to adopt one more.

8-14) Couple – You must obtain a spouse or unmarried partner.

15) Step Children - You must obtain a spouse or unmarried partner who already has one or more children who are not your sim's biological children.

You are allowed to exceed the number of children rolled in section B when moving in the spouse (example: if you rolled 2 kids, and the spouse/partner has 3 little ones, you may take in all of them). You may also exceed the limit in order to produce biological children with the new spouse, but only by one pregnancy, and only if not having a biological heir bothers you. If the spouse/partner brings you less children than required by your roll, your sim must make up the difference by any means--biological or adoption-- in order to reach the total you rolled. The heir may be biological/adopted or a step-child.
16) Single Parent with 'help'. You may not marry or move in a romantic partner. Instead move in a friend, sibling, cousin, etc. to help raise the children. The Sim you move in takes the secondary career. This 'helper' may have children of their own (but may not move in or marry a partner).

Any children the helper has counts toward the total number of children, provided that they grow up in your household, but their children cannot be the generation heir. So if you roll for one child, only your Sim may have a child in the house, but if you roll two children, your Sim can have 2 and the helper none, or they can have one each, etc.

All children must live by that generation's rules. The helper may move out when the heir comes of age, but that is not required. If you roll this on the first generation, you may create your 'helper' sibling or friend in CAS.

The option for a single parent to move in their romantic partner when the youngest child is halfway through their teen stage was a fairly recent addition. You may do this for the single parent and the helper in this case as well, if you choose. Four older sims hanging around while the new generation takes over may be tough to manage, though, so keep in mind the option of moving the old generation out when the new one takes over... and the option of simply having the sims remain single/not living with their romantic interest, even after the restriction evaporates.

17) Second Chance: Your heir must have two partners over the course of his/her generation. The first partner must be in at least partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) status, and you must have at least one child by the first partner. You may marry or move in the first partner.

At some point after you have had at least one child by the first partner, that partner must go, either by death or break-up/divorce. Then, your heir must find another partner to marry or move in. If you roll for only one child it must be by the first partner. If you roll for more than one you can divide them between the two partners however you like, so long as at least one is from the first partner.

If you roll Perfect Careers or Fulfilled as goals, you may choose to reroll, since your partners may not have enough time to reach max careers or fulfill a LTW. But you may keep those rolls if you think you can manage them. If you choose to keep one of those goals, only one partner has to fulfill it, whichever one is in your control for the longest time.
You may use a mod to achieve the death of the first partner if you choose the death option.
For Secondary careers, roll twice, once for each partner.

B. Number of Children – Note that exceeding this number by having accidental twins or triplets is fine, but you must not have any more children after that.
1-2) 1
3-6) 2
7-8) 3
9) 4
10) 5

C. Primary Income (Roll between 1 and 20) Edited 25/10/2011 For new Equestrian (Horseman) Career, New Animal Wrangler Career and to add Dog Collecting to Collecting Career (Pets EP)

1-9) Standard Career – Roll on chart C1 to determine which.
10-13) Non-Standard Career – Roll on chart C2 to determine which. If you have ambitions, you may join the jobs offered through the town hall(such as painter, sculptor, writer, etc).
14-19) Ambitions Job – Roll on chart C3 to determine which. If you don't have the ambitions expansion, re-roll for this section.
20) Job Hopper - Must play a sequence of careers in order, playing each career until you reach level 5(careers or professions), or for a week in sim-time (part time and non-standard careers). Roll ten times for the different careers, and play them in the order you rolled them.

C1. Standard Career List (Roll between 1 and 14)
1) Business
2) Criminal (Thief)
3) Criminal (Evil)
4) Culinary
5) Journalism
6) Law Enforcement (Forensics)
7) Law Enforcement (Super Spy)
8) Education
9) Military
10) Music (Classical)
11) Music (Rock Star)
12) Political
13) Professional Sports
14) Science

C2. Non-Standard Career List (Roll between 1 and 13)
1) Collecting – Collect objects bugs, seeds, rocks, metals and gems, and sell them to earn money. Alchemy (transfiguration via the World Adventures display case) and smelting/gem cutting is allowed. A Collector Sim may also sell any treasures hunted up by pet dogs (Pets EP), sell gems obtained from breaking space rocks (World Adventures EP), and sell collectible objects obtained with the mining machine (Ambitions EP).
2) Farmer and/or Nectar maker (WA) – Grow and sell your own produce or your bottles of nectar. You'll have to choose between these 2 options as they are two different careers. NOTE: the heir may take over the family's existing garden, if a garden does exist, but may only sell produce they harvest themselves.
3) Fishersim – Sell what you can fish up.
4) Author – Write books and live off of royalties.
5) Artist – Paint or sculpt(or both!) and sell the finished products.
6) Inventor – Sell the fruits of your workbench. Re-roll if you don't have ambitions.
7) Busker – Busk with your guitar,drums, piano or bass (or snake charming basket, if you have world adventures) on community lots to earn money. Additionally, if you have Late Night, you can form a Band to earn some extra cash.
8) Freelance Photographer – Sell photos you take. Re-roll if you don't have world adventures.
9) Adventurer – Hunt for relics in faraway lands to sell. Re-roll if you don't have world adventures.
10) Freelance Scientist - Devoted to logic and reason, but not feeling the 9-5 laboratory grind? Spend your time searching the galaxy, solving problems over the computer (requires Genius trait), and hacking (requires Computer Whiz trait) instead. Freelances Scientists may also catch insects and collect meteors/space rocks to sell. (You may not sell gems/metals that you find, only space rocks and insects). Also, if you use a mod that allows you to sell the potions created on the chemistry set (Generations) you may sell those for Freelance Science career as well.
11) Mixologist - Moonlight as a mixologist to make money

12) Equestrian (Horseman) (Pets EP): Make money with your horses. Enter horses in Race/Competitions, breed horses to sell, offer your stallions as studs at the Equestrian Center, and buy untrained horses to train and sell for a profit. You may also catch and train wild horses for sale.(Reroll if you don't have Pets, or if you don't have an Equestrian Center in your town)
13) Animal Wrangler: (Pets EP) Your Sim makes a living from wrangling collectible wild animals like birds, reptiles, insects and rodents (wild horses are not included - that would be in the Equestrian career) and selling them. Animal wranglers can sell the new collectible animals from Pets EP, plus the base game (and other EP) insects. Your Sim's cat may help with this career by stalking prey which may also be sold. (Re-roll if you don't have Pets)

C3. Ambitions Job List (Roll between 1 and 8)
1) Architect
2) Firefighter
3) Ghost Hunting
4) Medical
5) Private Investigator
6) Stylist

7) Movies (Film)
8) Movies (Director)
D. Secondary Income (Roll between 1 and 15)

1-2) Standard Career – Roll on chart C1 to determine which.
3-9) Non-Standard Career – Roll on chart C2 to determine which.
10-11) Ambitions Job – Roll on chart C3 to determine which. If you don't have the ambitions expansion, re-roll for this section.
12) Part Time Job – Your choice, as there's not much functional difference.
13) Day care- Your sims must work at home and take care of their neighbors' kids. Reroll if you don't have Generations.
14) None – This sim must not work to earn money. This means they may not sell paintings or other art objects (though they may create them), write novels, sell collected items, etc. They are allowed to earn money through opportunities, however.
15) Job Hopper - Must play a sequence of careers in order, playing each career until you reach level 5 (careers or professions), or for a week in sim-time (part time and non-standard careers). Roll ten times for the different careers, and play them in the order you rolled them.

E. Generation Goal (Roll between 1 and 17)

Update Nov. 5th: Added Photogenic Goal
1) Perfect Children – All Sim children must age up perfectly. This means you must be allowed to choose their traits at each new life stage (with the exception of the first two, since the birth can be a bit random and out of your control). Note that it is not required to have all positive traits, but only to have had the option to choose all but the first two.

In addition, each child must have maxed skills on the toddler and child toys. Specifically, they must have obtained all 3 levels on the peg box toy, xylophone, toy oven and play table, and have read all 9 toddler skill books (jimmy sprocket is not required).

If you have Generations, children must enroll in an After School Activity, and must achieve the highest level. Teens must either enroll in an After School Class, or get a part time job, and reach the highest level. Your teen may quit the job once the highest level is reached. Teens also must learn to drive from an adult.

Boarding schools are forbidden for perfect children (as they won't be under your control if they're abroad!).

2) Perfect Careers – All careers and jobs for the heir (and the spouse, if applicable) must be raised to the highest level. In addition, all skills related to that career must be level 10. For example, if sim A is in the military career and his partner Sim B is a sculptor, they must both have level 10 in their careers and Sim B must have maxed sculpting and Sim A must have maxed athletics and handiness.

If one of your Sims is a Job Hopper, they don't have to do anything special. If this doesn't apply to either of your adult Sims (ie, one is an adventurer and the other has no career, or they both are job hoppers), then re-roll for this category.

Contrary to the sculpting example, Non-Standard Careers don't need to be maxed, just the skill involved. Though you may try to max the career level if you choose. Freelance Scientist needs max logic.

3)Expansionist – Put at least one major expansion onto your house during this generation. Examples of expansions include a new nursery with space for all the toddler toys and an attached outdoor playground, a guest apartment for the previous generation elders to live in, or an artist's retreat with room for painters, sculptors and drafters to practice their art.

4)Fulfilled – Both your heir and their spouse (if applicable) must obtain their LTW. Changing the LTW via aspiration reward is allowed.

In addition, any Wish that is "promised" (that is, pinned to the board) MUST be fulfilled. You may only cancel a promised wish if it becomes impossible to fulfill. (for instance, "Stay on the honor roll for 3 days" when a Child, which is impossible, or "play game with <Sim> when said Sim has died.) You do not have to promise every (or indeed any) wish, but once promised this rule applies.
5)AWESOME! - You must accomplish something really awesome, preferably related to your heir's career or traits, though miscellaneous awesome is allowed. Examples of this include creating a Sim bot, putting together a complete gallery of all Egyptian relics, finding and displaying all gems, bugs, or metals in the game, etc. Use your imagination – I'm sure there's something you can find to do. If you're blogging or otherwise writing a story about your Sim family, make sure to mention the awesome you got up to.
6) A Party To Remember - Throw an epic party at your home lot. Choose 1 party from the 4 available options. Each party requires at least 5 guests.

First choice: An event party:  This party will be centered around some kind of drama or event, such as a wedding, birthday, funeral, break up, whatever kind of drama you can come up with. *A three-course meal - Appetizer , main course and dessert, all of at least very nice quality, laid out buffet style. * A steady flow of drinks - You must serve very nice or better nectar if you have world adventures, or have a Sim skilled in mixology mix drinks, or hire a bartender (LN only, requires you to but a professional bar). If you have just the base game, just serve juice. * Live entertainment - one of your Sims must perform a song on guitar, piano, bass or drums, or perform a successful snake charming (WA)

Second choice: A swimwear party: *Your Sims and your guests must wear swimsuits * Drinks are not required. Just serve juice from the basegame bar if you want. *Your Sim must have a pool. *Your Sim must prepare a meal on a BBQ during this party (very nice quality or better). *Your Sim must serve an appetizer and dessert (very nice or better). The appetizer and dessert can be prepared beforehand, but the BBQ meal must be cooked while the party is on. *You must have a outdoor activity (swing or slide, gnubb or trampoline if you have "ambitions"...)

Third choice: An afternoon tea party: The party must begin between 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock ( do it on Sunday to be sure your guests will be able to come) *You must serve a baked angel cake of at least good quality. * You must serve 2 rounds of coffee cups from the most expensive coffee machine in game. It's not forbidden to serve cocktails drinks too (as It's not sure that coffee is really attractive for guests) * You must invite at least 5 guests of your sim's gender (same gender). The guests must have all a good relationship with the host ( at least best friends) *You must perform at least 2 different songs on the piano or on the guitar during the afternoon 

Fourth choice: A sport party: You must use the most expensive TV you've in your game *You must play the sports channel. * You must serve only cocktails or juice. If you haven't got any EP, just serve juices from the bar. Your drinks must be of good quality (except for the juices which haven't quality settings) *You must serve a three-course meal including a slice of pizza as appetizer (replace it by any other meal if you've rolled the "no strangers" goal in section F), a plate of prepared junk food of good quality (sandwiches, cheese steak, hamburgers, or hotdogs for instance) and a dessert of good quality too *You must serve the meals in the same room as the TV.

7) Living Green - Must live Eco-consciously. These restrictions take effect when the heir of the generation they're rolled for becomes a young adult, and continues until the next generation's heir reaches young adulthood.

* Must never take taxis. Carpooling to work or using the fire engine is ok, but sims must bike at all other times. If a Sim takes a taxi, that's ok, but cancel the action and give them whatever bike they'd lost asap. Sims caught out without a bike must walk or jog until they arrive at a lot where you can give them a bike.

* Must use an Eco-friendly laundry system. This consists of the expensive washing machine and a clothesline(no dryer allowed!). You may have multiple washing machines and clotheslines.

* Must grow your own produce and fish your own fish. You may purchase meat, dairy, eggs, etc from the store, but nothing that you can normally grow in your own garden or fish out of water. Cake and baked goods from the toy oven are okay to eat. Your Sim doesn't have to eat organic or vegetarian food, normal food is ok, as long as you've grown the produce yourself.

* Must not waste fuel flying around the world. Your Sims may only take one vacation per week. 

* If your Sim invents, you may not purchase scrap. You must salvage it on your own.

* You may not purchase 'new' furniture via the buy mode this generation, with the exception of bikes, bike racks, recycling bins, and your Eco-friendly laundry system. You must obtain it 'used' from the junkyard, or steal it from community lots and other homes. The exception is if you are playing generation 1, in which case you may purchase as many beds, cribs and hampers as necessary, all toddler/child toys, one fridge, one oven, two sinks, one toilet, one shower, one dresser, one mirror, one bookcase, one counter for food preparation and one counter for a drop in sink. In addition, your family may buy enough seating to accommodate the total number of Sims rolled for that family (so, if you rolled couple with two kids, that's seating for four). You may buy whatever type of seating you prefer, but it must be just enough to seat the number of Sims. So, if it's seating for four, you may buy four dining chairs, or a two seat sofa and two dining chairs, or a three seat sofa and one living chair, etc. You may also purchase one table (like a dining table if you opted for dining chairs, or a coffee table if you chose a sofa set.) If you rolled for a self-employed career like artist or inventor, you may buy the required object to do the job. Exception is for author, you may not buy a computer, desk and chair. Use the library to write your novels. There are no restrictions on build mode or on purchasing lighting fixtures. You may buy as many plants as you like for decoration, but no other decorative items may be purchased. you may buy a burglar and fire alarm.

* Your Sim must either create a new park/nature-themed lot from scratch, or improve significantly upon an existing lot. In both cases, the Sim must fund the project by subtracting the cost of the improvements or entire lot from the family funds.

8) Deadbeat Parents - Opposite of Perfect Children. Do NOT potty train, teach to walk or teach to talk any toddlers. Do NOT read any toddler books to them. You must not be given the choice to choose any traits, apart from those during pregnancy, as they are a bit random and beyond your control.

9) 5 Star Celebrity - Your heir must become a household name and obtain a glittering 5 star celebrity status. (ONLY the heir needs to do this, not spouse or other family members.)

10) Change of Scenery: Your Sim is fed up of the same 4 walls and wants to move. Re-roll if Generation 1.
Either: 1. Delete everything in your house which isn't Sim made (paintings, etc.) or from a vacation world. Then demolish your house, and build a new one from scratch. 2. Place a pre-built house somewhere in your town and move into it. 3. Move into another existing house in your town. 4. Move your Sims to a new town. If you choose this option, then for neighborhood continuity reasons your Sims may NOT move into a town your legacy has already lived in. Also if choosing this option, you may choose to keep your old house, but plop it down somewhere in the new town.

11) Social Bunny - Once a Sim week (Sunday to Saturday) your Sim must either go on a date, or on a group outing. It's not required that these outings get a "great" rating, or are even liked, what's important is that they happen. Try to vary the places you go as well, although that's not a requirement.

12) Property Mogul - Start a powerful business center and buy parts of at least 3 rabbit holes in town (whatever you want). You don't have to be the owner, only at least a partner. You can also buy Venues, and upgrade them. You are allowed to collect on the funds generated by these properties (this is the only way outside of opportunities that your Sim's can make money outside their career track)

13) The Opportunist - Your Heir must complete ALL Opportunities that they are presented with, with the exception of ones relating to travel. You may also skip Celebrity related opportunities if you are trying to avoid the celebrity system in this game. An opportunity can only be canceled if it becomes impossible to complete (due to the Sim who gave it to you dying, EA bugs etc.)

14) Idle career - Your Sim won't make any effort in his/her career. Don't learn any skills, read any books or do any traveling required for the career. If you reach the top of your career's level, it won't be because of your efforts, but only because it's just YOU. If you've rolled a C2-career, you are allowed to learn only 2 levels per week for the required skill (so maximize the skill during the child or teenage stages would be a good option). If you’ve rolled for the adventurer career, you’re only allowed 2 travels per week.

15) Hobby, or Obsession? - Pick a "Hobby" for your Sim, based on their traits, or on their character as you see them. The heir (and spouse where applicable) must spend at least 5 Sim hours a week pursuing their hobby. Your Sim must not make money from this hobby. If you use writing, then only use "Practice writing" and not "Write a book".

16) Perfectionist: Choose a skill for your Sim to be perfect at. Your Sim must max this skill, and also complete all skill challenges related to this skill (found in the Skill Journal of your Sim's Skill Panel), except in cases where the skill challenge requires your Sim to make money to complete the challenge. These exceptions are in the Instrument skill challenge, Money Maker, which requires your Sim to earn 25k in tips and cannot be completed unless your Sim rolled Busker/Band career, and the writing skill, which requires you to earn royalties and therefore cannot be completed unless your Sim rolled writer as a career, and in the mixology skill's Master Mixologist challenge, which requires your Sim to earn money moonlighting at bars, and cannot be completed unless your Sim has rolled Mixologist as a career.
Another exception in the Mixology skill challenge is for Professor of Drinks, which can't be completed unless you have every type of bar in your neighborhood (learning all the drinks requires all the bars be available to learn their unique drinks.) So, if the town you are playing in does not have every type of bar in place, you are exempted from completing Professor of Drinks.
There may be other skill challenges that we have not noticed which cannot be completed because they require skill based income. If you find one, please report it in the MTS thread; those challenges will be exempted as well.

17.)Photogenic- Your Sim loves to be looked at and wants his/her beauty to be remembered for generations to come. Paint, photograph, or sculpt (ice sculpture) five portraits of your heir and display them in your house. If you choose to take photographs, they must be the "large portrait" or "panorama" size. At least one of these portraits needs to be of your heir during his/her childhood years (toddler, child, or teen). Also create one portrait of each of your heir's children (during any of the childhood stages) and your heir's partner (if applicable). All of the portraits can be taken down and removed after your heir dies, if you so desire. Re-roll if generation 1.

F. Miscellaneous Fun (Roll between 1 and 17)
Update Dec. 29th: Removed "Living in the Past"
1) Hands Off - You may not use the robotic hand of god function in awesomemod, or otherwise use your mouse to move things from one inventory to another, clean up laundry, dirty plates, etc. Let those Sims clean up after themselves for a while. All items for careers must be sold in the Consignment Store (Ambitions), or to rabbit holes that will buy them (i.e. a gardener career Sim may sell produce to the grocery store).

2) Random Traits – Click the random button every time you're asked to pick traits. This applies to the heir in the current generation. For example, when generation 1 has their first child, they roll the rules for generation 2. “Random” comes up as one of those rules, so for this child and all of their siblings their traits must be randomized. But if that rule doesn't come up for generation 3, the children of the generation 2 heir don't need to be randomized. You may choose LTWs for the Sims.

3) Runs in the Family – Pick a trait. Preferably a trait one of the parent Sims has. Every Sim born this generation must have this trait before reaching young adulthood.

4) No Strangers – You may not call any service Sims to the lot. This includes pizza delivery Sims and babysitters; if both of your Sims have to work, tough!

5) Partier – You must throw at least one party every Sim week (Sunday AM to Saturday PM).

6) Homemade - Your Sims must only eat cooked dishes (no quick meals), and they can only cook a dish if they have the required ingredients in the refrigerator. In addition, they must harvest all produce and fish all fish on their own (it's allowed to harvest from community lots). You may purchase meat, eggs, etc (and milk, rice, etc if you're using a better ingredients mod) from the store. You may eat food cooked with the toy oven, but may not eat cake or raw ingredients (if your sim does so autonomously you don't lose, but cancel the action the best you can). This restriction does not apply in a World Adventures tomb (Egypt, France, China), since prepared meals will rot in your sim's inventory.

7) Multi-Cultural - The mother/father of the heir's children must be from a different culture than the heir. For additional flavor, try to use items from that different culture when choosing outfits for the children, and for decorating the home this generation. The original intention of this roll was to make more use of World Adventures; you may either travel to find the other parent, or, if using mods, find a new immigrant to your town and add a foreign culture trait to them (for example, MasterController will allow you to change traits). In the latter situation it is permissible to edit the Sim in CAS, for certain ethnic looks. If playing a custom town that already has families with foreign culture traits, you may also use them. Vampires and Ghosts also count as a different culture for the purposes of this rule. And if you are consistently treating sims of different skin tones as drastically different races or even species (green aliens, etc), you may use them. 
8) Half-Siblings - No two pregnancies or individual adoptions this generation may be with the same partner. Re-roll if you only need one child. 

9) Luxury - Replace the furniture of any room by the highest quality in the catalog. You'll need to save money for that, but money is not a problem for you, is it? (Highest quality means having the maximum number of + signs in the object description. Not necessarily the most expensive item). 
10) Born with it - you may not modify the looks of your Sim in any way. You may get random makeovers at the salon if you have Ambitions. 

11)Tattoo Addict - your Sim must have a new tattoo every Sim week (Sunday to Saturday). The addict can be the heir or the spouse/partner (unless you've rolled single parent; then obviously the heir must be the addict). 

12) Fighter - get into a fight or bar brawl every Sim week. (Sunday to Saturday). The fighter can be the heir or the spouse/partner (unless you've rolled single parent; then obviously the heir must be the fighter). 
13). The Joker - If you roll this, then you do not have a "Misc Fun" objective for this generation. You also have a "Get Out of Jail Free" Card, so to speak. You are allowed ONE extra re-roll of Challenge objectives. You may spend the Joker on any roll in any generation after its rolled (including the one it's rolled for). Note that you're only allowed to re-roll for a single category.

14) It's so YOU - when the heir reaches YA, remake every room in the house to match the favorites and traits of their owners. Each bedroom should match their owners, and the general rooms should match those of the Sims who use them most, or the heir and heir's spouse. The heir's children should also have rooms in their favorite color(s).

15) Live Your Trait - Choose one of your heir's 5 traits to live by. Your heir, starting at YA age, will have to do something every day that reflects this trait, and must fulfill any wishes that come up that are related to this trait, up to 5 wishes a day.

If your heir rolls more than 5 trait related wishes in a day, you only have to do 5, though you can certainly do more. (Except for wishes related to the trait that would require you to break the income restriction rules, i.e. if you choose Artistic as your trait, you must fulfill wishes to paint or go to the art museum, but not wishes to sell paintings if you didn't roll for Artist as a career).

Not every trait will be suitable for this rule, so you must be sure when choosing traits for your heir that you pick one that can be used for this rule. It must be a trait that allows you to actively do something every day for this trait and gives you wishes you can fulfill. So, as examples, artistic, athletic, virtuoso, neurotic, good, evil etc are good, but clumsy, loner, can't stand art, lucky, unlucky, etc are not good. Your heir can have these traits, but you must have one trait with related activities and wishes to choose as your dominant trait.

16) Fashion Diva - Your Sim like to keep up with the latest trends. They must Plan Outfit and change at least ONE of their outfits at least once a Sim week (Sunday AM to Saturday PM). Making extra outfits is also allowed if you don't want to lose the one you have.

17) Gourmet
Your Sims must cook his favorite meal at least once, as well as the favorite meals of every active member of the household. If you have this goal, you're not allowed to change your Sim's favorite meals (by using the reward for instance). The only exception is for players that have WA and don't want to travel. These ones are allowed to re roll until they obtain a meal they can cook in their neighborhood. If you have this goal in generation 1, use the random button to select your Sim's favorite meal, color and music. If you have pets, every pet meal must be cooked.

The meals must be at least of normal quality. Bad quality won't be accepted (you'll have to cook again until you have at least a normal quality meal)

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